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International University of Health and Welfare,
Mita Hospital

1-4-3 Mita, Minato-ku
Tokyo, 108-8329 JAPAN

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Medical Check-up

Preventive Medicine Center provides High quality and Comfortable Medical Checkup on 4th floor of Mita Hospital. Medical specialists in all our clinical departments use top quality medical devices to come up with accurate diagnoses, while doctors in charge of medical checkups provide meticulous and comprehensive decisions and advices.

Features of Our Center

Support through Collaboration with Our Clinical Departments
Doctors and public health nurses give appropriate advice based on test data. When secondary tests or detailed examinations become necessary, we collaborate with our clinical departments, whose medical expert provide care.

Accurate Diagnoses Using Top Quality Medical Devices
We are fully equipped with 64 multi-slice CT, 3 Tesla MRI, digital mammography, and other cutting edge medical devices.

A Comfortable Medical Checkup in an Exclusive Area
Examinations will be conducted in a calm environment in an area exclusively devoted to that purpose. Individual, hotel-style rooms will be available for checkups requiring overnight stays, making you forget that you are staying in a hospital at all.
Some tests such as endoscopy will be conducted outside the exclusive area.

Array of Options

・In addition to diagnoses for high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, diabetes, and other such ailments, we also provide a metabolic syndrome diagnosis for people in the appropriate age group.
・A bone density test and tumor marker PSA (for prostate cancer) are among the items included in the standard course, while the optional gynecological examination includes endovaginal sonography, mammography, and mammary gland sonography in its standard version.
・For cancer screening, we recommend the "Cancer Comprehensive Health Checkup Course," which adds MRI and ultrasound examinations to the PET-CT, the revolutionary early cancer detection device.

Our Top Floor Restaurant
Treat yourselves to delicacies featuring ingredients of the season at our summit restaurant on the 11th floor, where you can enjoy the view of Tokyo Tower and TokyoSKY TREE.

Our operation hours
(9:00-17:00, except Sundays and national holidays)

Advanced Medical Equipments

  • 3.0 tesla MRI
  • PET-CT
  • Mammography
3.0 tesla MRI
3.0 tesla MRI