Patient Care

Patient Care

Clinic Hours

【First-time Patients】8:30~11:30 and 12:30~16:30
【Follow-up Patients】7:45~11:30 and 12:30~16:30

*Clinic hours may vary depending on clinical departments.

Clinical Department

Consultation Fee

  • Effective January 1, 2012, the non-insured fee of ¥5,400 is added for all first visit patients without any referral letter from other doctors.
  • Patients who do not have national health insurance will be charged 200% on consultation fee for medical service.

Advanced Medical Equipments

  • 1.5 tesla MRI
  • 3.0 tesla MRI
  • 320-row multislice CT
  • PET-CT
  • Mammography
  • Helical computed tomography
  • Scintillation camera
  • Medical linac treatment
  • Angiography

3.0 tesla MRI

320-row multislice CT




Floor Guide

11F Restaurant,  Mita Hall
10F Private Ward
7F~9F Ward
6F Operation Room,  ICU,  Diagnostic Pathology Center
5F Administration, Doctors' Office
4F Preventive Medicine Center,  Digestive Diseases Center,  Respiratory Diseases Center,  Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy Center,  Dialysis Unit,  Diagnostic Radiology Center,  Ophthalmology,  Mental and Memory Clinic
3F Head and Neck Oncology Center,  Skull Base Surgery Center,  Sarcoma Center,  Transplant Surgery, Gynecology,  Otorhinolaryngology (E.N.T.),  Dermatology,  Urology,  Lithotripsy Center,  Dentistry and Oral Surgery,  Anesthesiology-Pain Clinic,  Pediatrics, Rehabilitation Center,  Mita Medical Club
2F Cardiovascular Center,  Breast Center,  Blood Testing Unit,  Clinical Laboratory,  Internal Medicine,  Lymphoma / Hematology Center,  Kampo Medicine,  Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery,  Chemotherapy,  ShopCafeBakery
1F General Information,  Pharmacy,  Orthopedics,  Spine and Spinal Cord Center,  Neurosurgery,  Emergency Medical Care,  MRI,  CT,  Angiography,  ATM
B1F Radiation Therapy,  Nuclear Medicine,  PET-CT,  Nutrition

1 F


2 F


3 F


4 F


B1 F

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