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2021.06.25:Infection Control Measures at IUHW Mita Hospital (PDF)

2021.04.12:Golden Week Schedule is now available. (PDF)

2021.02.18:PCR and antibody tests are available at your own expense.

2020.11.24:Year End and New Year Schedule (PDF)

2020.04.10:IUHW Mita hospital allows no visitors (PDF)

2020.03.10:Polymerase chain reaction testing (PCR) for Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in our hospital

2020.02.22:To those planning to visit the hospital with fever or cold symptoms (PDF)

About Us

Our Five Principles

IUHW Mita Hospital has set forth five principles under which all of our staff wholeheartedly provide patient-oriented medical care and warm services.

1.We provide high quality medical services.
Quality assurance is an essential element in medical services. We make efforts to always keep delivering the highest level of medical services.
2.We respect rights of patients.
We respect the dignity and privacy of patients. We also strictly protect personal information.
3.We provide sufficient explanation to patients.
We provide patients with sufficient explanation about their health condition in an easy-to-understand manner for them to receive medical services convincingly.
4.We respect the patients' rights of self-determination.
We make efforts to provide sufficient information and knowledge so that the patient can make one's own decision to the therapeutic options.
5.We protect patients' QOL.
We guarantee patients' QOL in the hospital through providing quiet and comfortable environment so that they can concentrate on treatment without worries.

Message from the Director

IUHW Mita hospital is located in the heart of Tokyo which is poised to become an even more international city in the lead-up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020. Mita hospital has recently received a globally recognized accreditation form the Joint Commission International (JCI) in December 2015.

Building on this momentum, Mita Hospital will continue to develop into a more international hospital by ensuring patient-oriented care, which is the essence of our medical profession, and by providing advanced and quality medical care to further elevate the level of medical care available at the hospital.

Mita Hospital has been enhancing its functions as a medical care provider. In 2015, the Stroke and Neuro-endovascular Surgery Center was opened to meet diversifying medical needs. We now have a hybrid operating room that integrates angiography equipment and an operating room for performing direct surgeries (surgeries in which a scalpel is used to cut). We also established a Transplant Surgery Department and have begun performing living donor renal transplantations. In 2016, we created the Hematology Department and are further improving our hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgical treatment. Mita Hospital is committed to continuing its efforts to consistently provide more sophisticated medical care to patients.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the improvements, and we thank you for your patronage.

Yoshitsugu Yamada, M. D., PH. D.
Director, Mita Hospital

History of Mita Hospital

1933 Established as a hospital under the Ministry of Finance (24 beds)
1949 Name was changed to “Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Corporation Tokyo Hospital”
1974 Main building was renewed with 11 floors above ground and 2 floors underground
1985 Name was changed to “Japan Tobacco Inc. Senbai Hospital”
2005 Inherited to International University of Health and Welfare
Established as IUHW Mita Hospital
Breast Center launched
Head and Neck Oncology Center launched
Respiratory Diseases Center launched
Surgery and Digestive Diseases Center launched
Preventive Medicine Center launched
2006 Lithotripsy Center launched
Spine and Spinal Cord Center launched
2007 Skull Base Surgery Center launched
Gynecology Center launched
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy Center launched
2008 Accredited as Tokyo-designated Cancer Treatment Hospitals
2009 Heart Center launched
2011 Accredited as Designated Emergency Hospital
Heart Center name was changed to "Cardiovascular Center"
2012 Main building was reconstructed with 11 floors above ground and one floors underground
2015 Accredited as a Tokyo-Designated Cancer Care coordination Core Hospital
Stroke and Neuro-endovascular Surgery Center launched
Transplant Surgery launched
Emergency Department launched
Received an internationally recognized hospital accreditation JCI(Joint Commission International)
2016 Accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI).
2017 Accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI)
The Sarcoma Center launched
2018 Lymphoma / Hematology Center launched
Reaccredited by Joint Commission International (JCI)
JCI Accredited Hospital Medical Excellence JAPAN